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Romantic things Merlin says when he’s half asleep. 

(The bonus theme this week is someecards and you should absolutely go read them all lmao)

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Lana kicking butt on ‘Name That Villain’ — (x)

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Once Upon A Time → gifset per episode
03x15, Quiet Minds

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- Cockfighting. I had to break up the ring, naturally. Barbaric practice.
- So you decided to bring one of the chickens home?
- Well, there are two combatants in a cock fight. I could have called animal control. But it occurred to me, we have an opportunity. There’s some debate as to whether these creatures, once perverted by their keepers, can be weaned from their aggressive tendencies. The process, as it stands now, is tedious, highly imperfect - I believe it can be improved upon.

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All through the dark the wind looks for the grief it belongs to.
W.S. Merwin, Night Wind (via rabbitinthemoon)